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Zion Lutheran School
301 S. River Street
Newberg, OR 97132
(503) 538-3420

Board of Directors:
Pastor Chuck Sabin, Deana Hylton, Ruth Schrempp, Susan Lindquist


2013-2014 school year information

Registration for the 2013-2014 school year begins for current families on February 4, 2013, and for the general public on February 19, 2013.

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A Word About Our Program

In keeping with our congregation’s mission of outreach to families and our community, Zion Lutheran Church is proud to sponsor an education program directed to the whole child. Our goal is to help children grow mentally, physically and spiritually. We respect the fact that children should be guided carefully through self-discovery and academic skill building, which are vital to a well-rounded program. Our program emphasizes the child’s individual self-worth and his/her place in God’s family and His world.

These goals are accomplished by providing:

  • An inviting, stimulating environment that enables the child to socialize and learn in a safe and structured atmosphere of academics, fellowship and play.
  • Trained and dedicated staff who encourage, enlighten, nurture and educate children in skill building preparation for primary education.

Parents are the most important people in the lives of children. The primary goal of our program is to equip children with social and academic skills, while building self-esteem and nurturing bonds in family relationships. We welcome the opportunity to partner with parents to provide the best possible program for their children. It is our desire to maintain the highest possible standards in providing a safe, loving and nurturing experience.

In order to be eligible to participate in our program, the child must be of age by September 1. He/she must be able to tend to personal toilet needs. We reserve the right to dismiss any student unable to adhere to the behavior policy.

All teachers and assistants at our school are trained and certified in first aid and CPR, and the use of an AED device. Fire drills are conducted to help ensure safe evacuation in the event of an actual emergency. Every staff member has undergone a background security check.

Drop-Off And Pick-Up Procedures

Please enter the south parking lot from River Street. The school entrance (wooden door) is the location to be used when transporting your child to and from school. The door will be opened 5 minutes prior to class starting time. Please be certain your child’s teacher has greeted your child personally before you leave. We ask that you do not bring your child to school early. Your child will be brought down to the preschool door promptly at dismissal time. Please make every effort to pick your child up in a timely fashion. If a child is picked up late (more than 15 minutes after dismissal time), without prior arrangements or communication with the teacher, a fee of $5.00 per 5 minutes will be charged.

A dated, written notice is required (complete with the alternate pick-up person’s name) when anyone other than a parent is picking up your child. We will ask for proof of identification to verify the person’s identity with the information given. For safety purposes, if we do not receive permission from a child’s parent or guardian, we reserve the right to refuse to allow the child to leave with an unknown person. Please remember, this is for your child’s protection.

In case of inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.), we will follow Newberg School District’s determinations. Please listen to local television and/or radio stations (KGW, KATU, KOIN) for school closure information. In the event Newberg has a 2-hour late start time, there will be no morning classes. If public school is cancelled for a day, there will be no school.

Monthly and yearly calendars are provided to families. Our school follows the Newberg School District’s calendar. We ask that you keep your monthly and yearly calendars for easy reference of important dates.

How You Can Help

Zion Lutheran School looks forward to serving you and your child. We encourage you to be an active participant in your child’s education. You can support your child by reading, talking and praying together every day!

Following registration, you will receive an orientation packet by mail. Please review this information carefully. Orientation is held before classes begin in the fall. We ask that you bring a few supplies and your child’s immunization records with you to orientation. Parents are encouraged to bring their child to orientation and to write down any questions they might have.

Every month you will receive a calendar outlining our curriculum and special events.

We enjoy a snack time each day. We ask that EACH CHILD BRING HIS/HER OWN HEALTHY SNACK EVERY DAY. Because of allergy concerns, our school is a nut-free school. Please do not send any nuts or nut products as snacks to school. Please also do not send anything to drink, water will be provided every day.

One take-home bucket is provided for each student. The bucket is our line of communication and is to be brought to and from school each day. Staff will check the bucket for important communication from parents, tuition payments, etc. Please remember to check your child’s bucket every day for treasures your child may have created, important notices, monthly calendars, reading logs, etc. Doing so will keep you updated with school news. If the bucket is lost or broken, the parents are responsible to get another one.

Parents are teachers too! We welcome parents to visit the class or volunteer. Please contact the teacher prior to your visit so she can schedule preparation work, activities, or the number of parents on any given day.

We urge you to keep your child home when he/she is ill. Should a child become ill while at school, every attempt will be made to contact you via the information you provide on your registration form.

Class Times

Friends & Fun
Wednesday: 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM

3’s Classes:
Mon/Tue, 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM
Mon/Tue, 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Thu/Fri, 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM
Thu/Fri, 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM

4’s Classes:
Mon/Tue/Wed, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Wed/Thu/Fri, 8:45 AM to 11:15 AM

Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri, 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri, 11:45 AM to 2:00 PM


Friends & Fun class: $450 per year ($50 monthly)
3’s two-day Classes: $855 per year ($95 monthly)
4’s three-day Classes: $1305 per year ($145 monthly)
Pre-Kindergarten: $1755 per year ($195 monthly)

A non-refundable registration fee of $95 is required upon enrollment of your child and secures his/her place in class. Enrollment is limited, so we encourage you to submit your application and registration fee as soon as possible. We reserve the right to cancel any class due to lack of enrollment.

Annual tuition is due September 1. Payments are to be made in the form of check or money order. You may choose to pay the entire annual tuition at the beginning of the school year or divide it into payments. If you choose monthly payments, tuition will be divided into 9 equal monthly payments, due on the 1st day of each month (September through May). A discount of $15 per payment will be allowed if you choose to make two payments (due September 1 and February 1). A discount of $50 will be allowed if you choose to pay the entire annual tuition before September 1. We also offer a sibling discount of $15 per month off the second child’s tuition when two children from the same immediate family are enrolled. Only one discount per student is allowed. A grace period of 10 days is allowed. If tuition is not received by the end of the ten-day grace period, a late fee of $10 will be assessed. If payment is not received by the last day of the month, the child will not be allowed to attend school until payment arrangements have been made.


  • Worship Center: Basic Christian stories, object lessons and prayers (conducted by our Pastor on a weekly basis).
  • Language Arts: Building oral language, including alphabet recognition/identification, letter/sound recognition, writing and recognition of name, calendar (days of week, yesterday, today, tomorrow), auditory skills, vocabulary, sharing, interactive reading, memory, classification, visual discrimination, perception, socialization skills, appreciation of literature, print awareness.
  • Social Studies: Concepts including home and family, community and careers, the world around us, current events. Field trips also will be scheduled to enhance the student’s learning experience.
  • Math & Science: Number recognition/identification, counting, sorting and classifying, spatial orientation, shapes, sequential ordering, patterns, prediction, animals and plants, weather and seasons, time and space, transportation and measurement, experimentation.
  • Health & Safety: Personal hygiene, nutrition, safety around the house, fire safety, earthquake safety/ awareness, emergency and “911” procedures.
  • Social Skills: Listening and following directions, sharing, communication skills, respect for self and others (people and property), patience, compassion, empathy and decision making.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Holding a pencil, handwriting, cutting with scissors, gluing, manipulating objects (puzzles, blocks, etc.), coloring, painting and free art creativity.
  • Large Motor Skills: Exercising, hand-eye coordination, body & space awareness and directionality.
  • Musical Literacy: Musikgarten curriculum, including listening/singing, pitch and tone, tempo and cadence, rhythm and rhyme.

Child Guidance and Behavior Policy

The No.1 rule at our school is “Never hurt anyone on the inside or the outside!” School staff strive to provide for the physical safety and emotional well-being of every child in our program.

As our staff encourages children to make positive choices, they build valuable skills in decision-making. We stress the importance of verbal communication and “using our words.” This equips children to identify, talk about, and act upon their feelings in a positive manner. We are committed to helping children build self-esteem and self-confidence through positive reinforcement, social interactions, and educational play and learning.

Zion Lutheran School strives to:

  • Provide a safe environment that is inviting and stimulating to children.
  • Provide age appropriate curriculum and activities.
  • Provide positive verbal support and reinforcement to assist in building self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive decision-making capabilities.
  • Redirect a child’s interest to promote positive behavior and social interaction.

Every child is precious. We do not use shame or humiliation to bring about acceptable behavior. We make every effort to be fair and consistent in directing children away from undesirable behavior and toward positive behavior.

Occasionally, a child may have difficulty following rules or guidelines. If this occurs, the teacher will use a verbal warning and redirect the child’s interest. With a second or continued undesirable behavior, the child will receive a time-out and is held accountable for his/her actions. If the behavior continues, the teacher will contact the parent to discuss and develop a plan to deal with the child’s behavior. As a last resort, a parent will be called to remove the child if he/she is blatantly defiant, endangers him/herself, or other people or property.

Friends & Fun Class

We are pleased to offer a class for your 2 1/2- to 3-year-old child. This developmentally appropriate class is designed to enhance social skills and creativity. Children have the opportunity to explore the preschool setting while developing skills through art, music, stories, sharing and free play. Your child must be of age (at least 30 months) by September 1. Please discuss toilet skills with your teacher.

Friends & Fun Class: Wednesdays, 8:45 to 11:00 a.m. Tuition: $450 annually ($50 per month)

Photo Policy

We want to remind everyone that it is Zion Lutheran School’s policy not to publish in any way any picture of a child unless we have permission from that child’s parent. This includes posting on the web in any way. We ask that you do not post a picture of any child not your own without receiving express permission from the parents.


Limited scholarships are available to our families in need. Please contact the School Director if you are in need of assistance. If a scholarship is granted, no other discounts are allowed.

To bring people together, to know Jesus Christ